Weight Reduction: 6 Safe Low Calorie Sweeteners that will help you Slim Down

Searching for safe low calorie sweeteners which you can use that will help you slim down? Your search is over. Listed here are six that won’t only suit your yen for something sweet, however they can offer health advantages too.


Erythritol is really a granular sweetener that appears like sugar and it has 70% from the sweetness of sugar. It’s a natural sugar alcohol (polyol) that’s fermented from corn starch. It’s safe for the teeth, does not produce any laxative effects, doesn’t have calories, and contains been proven safe for diabetics in studies.

You can purchase erythritol at the local supermarket underneath the brand of Truvia. It’s available in individual serving packets which are convenient for transporting along with you by consuming out.

Inulin and Oligofructose

Inulin and oligofructose are relatively recent natural sweeteners which are created from roots for example chicory or Jerusalem artichokes. Apart from being safe low calorie sweeteners, they their very own health advantages. These benefits include elevated calcium absorption, which plays a role in bone health reduced insulin, bloodstream sugar, and triglyceride levels and reduced constipation and incidence of cancer of the colon. They’re prebiotics that let the development of healthy bacteria, reduce pathogenic bacteria within the digestive system, while increasing immunity.

Inulin is 10 to fifty percent from the sweetness of sugar, and oligofructose is 30-50 % the sweetness of sugar. Consequently, they’re usually in combination with other natural sweeteners like stevia or lo han.

Lo Han

Lo Han is really a fruit which comes in the mountain tops of China and Japan and it is the main component in a number of natural, zero-calories, low-glycemic sweeteners. Inside a diabetic study, lo han was discovered to possess antidiabetic effects.


Maltitol is yet another sugar alcohol having a lengthy good reputation for use, mainly in diabetic candies. It is regarded as natural, but includes a more pronounced laxative effect than other sugar alcohols.


Stevia is yet another safe sugar substitute that is commonplace in lots of healthy sweet lovers’ homes. It’s an herbal sweetener which comes in granular and liquid forms. It’s 300 occasions sweeter than sugar and is a staple sweetener for hundreds of years far away. Some research has proven it to assist stabilize bloodstream sugar. It may have a slight bitter aftertaste, but fortunately, several de-bittered brands can be found.

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