The Feng Shui of Food

Feng Shui can display you to definitely ready your foods by instructing you on how all you use food can impact natural powers that surround you at meal time.

You most likely understand right now that balance inside your kitchen could be enhanced by using shapes, materials, colours and directions but you may also further increase your families balance by making certain the meals you each and make preparations are balanced too.

All things in existence is balanced through two powers – Yin and Yang. The body as well as your optimum health ought to be balanced too by making certain that the foods you eat continues to be balanced too. Whenever your weight loss program is balanced the body feels satisfied, warm, healthy. When bodies are unbalanced it will show you!

Yin and Yang meals possess a different impact on the body. Different meals may have a different impact on your mental , spiritual, emotional and physical nature. Ying meals are cooling somewhere while Yang meals are warming. Balance chi or souped up that moves through bodies are considered healthy if your balance is blocked due to poor eating choices this may lead to illness.

An excessive amount of Yang meals will make you feel restless, anxious, wired, hot, dry and filled with an excessive amount of energy. If you notice yourself sweating a good deal and feel tense. Adding an account balance of Yin Food can calm you lower which help to refresh your chi!

An excessive amount of Yin food will make you feel chilled, tired and lethargic. Depression and bloating may also derive from an excessive amount of Yin Food. Adding an account balance of Yang meals will help nourish your chi and warm you up!

A great balance of Yin and Yang Meals is essential. Use the list below to attain a well-balanced diet. The important thing obviously would be to understand the body, exactly what the signs are suggesting regarding your imbalance and then try to remedy it accordingly.

YIN Meals






Fruit drinks

Spices or herbs


Most drugs – for example aspirin

Tropical veggies and fruits

Refined meals

Most food additives of the chemical nature.


Bean curd and sprouts, all bland or steamed meals, the cabbage family, carrots and celery, cucumber, duck, some fish and fruits, American ginseng, most vegetables, honey, melons, milk, pears, pork, taters, seaweed and soybean items, white-colored turnips, water and watercress, winter squash, most white-colored meals.

YANG Meals


Sea food







Bamboo, beef, broiled meat, catfish, chicken and chicken soup, eggs and eggplant, fatty meat and fried meals, garlic clove and ginger root, Korean ginseng, glutinous grain, eco-friendly all kinds of peppers, hot meals, leeks and let’s eat some onions, liquor, mushrooms, peanuts, persimmons, pig’s knuckles and pork liver, red meals (beans, all kinds of peppers, tomato plants, etc.) sesame oil, seafood, sour meals, tangerines, vinegar and wine.


Seed products


Veggies (carrots, cauliflower, peas)

Cereal grains

Steamed while grain

Brown Grain

Non Fat Milk


Ocean veggies

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