New Style, Old Style: Quality Never Changes

What’s new in the world of the e-cigarette, now that people have enjoyed the modern process of vaping for a decade or more? First, it may be good to look at what is the same. You can still purchase some of the best equipment and e-liquids available by simply visiting online sites and browsing and shopping until you find just the shape and taste you desire.

For something that looks and feels just a bit more “heavy duty” than the very early e-cigarettes, you may want to buy one of the vaporiser kits with batteries that last a little longer. With this option you get modern styling, a choice of colours, and premium e-liquid for plenty of volume and taste. These come in white, pink, black, silver, red, blue, and gold and offer easy-to-fill tank systems, luxury packaging, and five-button on/off operation.

For those who want the best in one place, the ultimate kit includes a refillable tank and interchangeable coil element on the bottom, a refill kit, a zipper storage case, and a long-use battery. This equipment is designed to offer full-day use and features a button that glows to indicate charge level. You may also want to try the Infinity models with dual bottom coil atomizers, a coil structure that can be rebuilt, and variable power.

New, New!!

In some ways, the newest offerings are a nod to the past in terms of appearance. Some of the earliest e-cigs looked as much like tobacco cigarettes as manufacturers could make them. With improved technology, the suppliers of fine vaping products are able to offer an ecigarette in the UK that looks, tastes, and feels so much like a tobacco cigarette that even veterans of vape will be pleasantly surprised.

Of course, there is still no tobacco, tar, or carbon monoxide to be concerned with. No harmful chemicals are added. In an effort to separate themselves from the e-cigarette crowd, leading suppliers are looking to innovation and creative thinking to give them an edge.


This extends to the Infinity design mentioned earlier that has a rotational tank and variable power. It also means that the liquids and filters are the best on the market, using only vegetable glycerol (VG) and pharmaceutical-grade ingredients. This makes the vapor virtually harmless and quick to evaporate. These are 21st-century products in the truest sense of the word.

A Good Start

For those who are hesitant to invest a lot in the latest, largest, longest-lasting in vaping, it may be best to try one of the sampler kits. These feature state-of-the-technology construction and operation, yet they have the size and appearance of the traditional tobacco cigarette. Recharging is not required, they come in colours, it is not necessary to change a filter, and you have a choice of flavours. You can also choose your nicotine strength.

Some of the leading suppliers are offering to give you back the price of a sampler kit when you purchase a full starter kit or pro kit. Stroll into your local retailer and try one of the new designs.

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