Improve Your Working Memory for Better Information Storage and Manipulation Skills

Working memory basically consists of projected subsystems and the central executive, which store manipulates and coordinates the visual images and verbal information obtained by us. There are several mental enhancers available in the market and the most popular ones are the Nootropics. These smart drugs boost our intellectual power, or what we call, fluid intelligence.

Theory behind working memory

First ever theories and concepts about working memory were given in late 60s by researchers who compared the methods used by computer for information storage and retrieval to the memory functions of a human brain. It was quite successful as it defined the way in which human intelligence operates. At first, people used to consider active memory as the system used for recalling the newly-acquired information by brain.

However, it was later proved that it was the human mind, which all along operated the different segments of information instead of just recalling them.

Functioning of working memory

The central executive is responsible for managing the slave system of your working memory. It collects all the significant parts of information and binds them together while deciding the places, which require attention and coordinating the tasks of those subsystems, i.e., slave systems.

Some of these useful systems are phonological loop (handles information like facts, numbers, and thoughts in the form of sounds), visuo-spatial sketchpad (storage of representative and literal images), and episodic buffers (short term storage of every kind of information).

Role of neurotransmitters in working memory

Neurotransmitters are responsible for the transmission of information within a human brain as well as for the generation of reactions to different stimuli. They also lead to neural development of the brain and make it easier for different segments of your brain to communicate with each other. Some of the significant neurotransmitters found in your brain are acetylcholine, epinephrine, norepinephrine, and dopamine.

They enhance your attention span, prevent mental health disorders like Alzheimer’s disease and ADHD, and boost our mental energy. However, to attain this improvement the levels of neurotransmitters must be optimum in our brain. That’s where, nootropic supplementation come into action as they improve your memory functions by affecting neurotransmitter levels and amplifying their actions by stimulating their respective receptors.

Lastly, working memory is possibly the most important function of a human brain since it is the system responsible for storing and processing of any newly-acquired information. It also plays an important role in a lot of cognitive functions of the brain like comprehension, reasoning, memory recall and retention, learning, etc. So, one must make sure that it operates properly and efficaciously.

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