How Jose Canseco Talked Of Steroid Use In Sports!

Most of us have heard how athletes and bodybuilders have upped their game in steroids and enhanced their performances. However, the entire MLB community was in shock when Jose Canseco wrote a book and came up open with the fact that he has used steroids since he was playing. In fact, his infamous book titled “Juiced” talked a lot more, and by them, most people were talking of the rampant steroid use in the MLB community. In this post, we will try to understand the use of steroid and what Jose Canseco had to say.

The story behind

For definite reasons, Jose Canseco is often termed as the ‘bad boy of baseball’. He is among the few athletes to be very open about the use of steroids, and his book even named some of the biggest MLB stars who were then using anabolic steroids and human growth hormone drugs. If Canseco’s words are to be believed, he believed that he might have never played at the same level if he was not using the steroids. However, it should be noted that he never actually preached steroids, but he agreed that athletes do have that extra advantage when they are using such stuff. Since someone like Jose Canseco came clean on such a debated topic, many believe that steroids are not only popular in the baseball community but also in other sports. You can find more information on Canseco and his steroids at

Need for steroids

Most of the time, anabolic steroids are known to get bad press, but there is no denying that athletes and bodybuilders do take the edge when they can. While you can always steer away from this because it’s a matter of choice, but that certainly puts you on the other side. Some people may see it as a disadvantage, and yet, it is unfair when someone using steroids competes against someone who is just playing safe. However, you have to understand that steroids do come with their side effects, and therefore, you should take high precautions, with regards to cycle, precautions and stacking. Usually, most bodybuilders start with smaller doses, understanding the side effects and other concerns.

It is hard to judge Jose Canseco whether he was right about clearing the air, but one cannot deny the fact that he surely broke the bubble around use of steroids in sports. One wonders if we will have more like him.

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