5 Major Benefits of Dental Implants

If someone has lost a tooth due to some injury, accident or a periodontal disease, then instead of cribbing over the lost tooth it is better to take help of medical science. Today it is possible to replace the lost teeth or tooth by an artificial one through dental implant.

Before we go through the benefits of the dental implants, one thing to keep in mind is that one should always get the implant done from a reputed place like, for instance, Clinique d’implantsdentaires St-Onge. Let’s see the benefits of getting the implant done.

  1. Best Substitute for Natural Teeth: They are as strong and stable as the original. Going for some other alternate may result in bone deterioration or you might find some inconvenience in day to day activities, but these implants fit and function just like natural teeth.
  2. Makes You Retain Your Original Face Shape: Without teeth, the face appears saggy, sunken, and sad. Getting the implant makes you look and feel the same as before. The shape of the face, as well as the smile, remains unchanged.
  3. Speak Naturally: Going for removable dentures instead of implants mean that most of the time your teeth will be in a cup rather than in your mouth. Moreover, you will find difficulty in pronouncing everyday words, but implants make sure that you act and behave just like you did with your natural teeth.

  1. Eat Your Heart Out: You can enjoy your favourite foods without any hesitation. There is virtually no difference between the natural and implanted tooth when it comes to eating. Removable dentures do cause some inconvenience, but dental implants are free from any such issues.
  2. Healthy Teeth Remain Safe: If you go for a tooth-supported bridge, then the teeth on the sides of the missing one needs to support the bridge. To support and fix the bridge, these healthy teeth undergo grinding, which impacts their health. But dental implants are done in the jawbone right at the spot where the natural tooth was. Thus, the neighbouring healthy teeth are unaffected by these implants.

In a nutshell, dental implants have a good track record of being much more reliable than any other method in case of a missing tooth.

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